As a blogger I share my writing with my readers.  But there are always boundaries as to how much of my personal life I share.  I have always written this blog as a form of creative therapy.  Over the past four years my laptop had seen many doctor’s offices and hospital rooms.  But I rarely shared that with you.

Now it has become routine to be taking either my mom, dad or Mr. T to any number of doctors depending on what the need is.

I began “grief” therapy several weeks ago as a means of dealing with all that is happening.  And I have to be honest and admit there are days when I am so overwhelmed by it all I can’t begin to think, much less write.

I felt the need to share this with those of you who have supported and followed me over the years.  I appreciate each of you and want you to know it.

I see life in such a different way now.  The responsibility of caring for my parents and husband is one I never take lightly.  And I have to add that my daughter never ceases to amaze me. Her selfless caring is above anything I have ever seen.  I must have done something right!

Right now I just want to say thank you and let you know how very grateful I am.  A new week has begun!  Please share what your hopes and goals are for today!  Keep on keeping on!



Simple Sundays


I chose this song today because our country is navigating troubled waters.  I will not take sides but I will pray that reason, truth and justice will prevail!




Still trying to fine tune my blog site!

Simple Sundays


A Blank Canvas

This is a very small section of our backyard.  Our home is situated on an acre of beautiful grounds that literally make one feel as though they are in a park.  The azalea bushes are mature and laden with blooms right now.  Closer to the house it is very shady.  The previous owner tried and tried to get grass to grow.  I decided not to fight it and plan to put a series of gardens in made up of local plants that thrive in the shade.  If you’re a reader and you live nearby, feel free to add anything you think might add to what I’m already planning.  And, yes, there will be photographs as this all gets going!  I’m ready to get my hands in the dirt!

Here’s what I’m planning:  Hosta, Maiden Hair Fern (It grows like crazy here!), Agapanthus (Lily of the Nile), Begonia, Impatiens, Caladium and my favorite, Black Magic Elephant Ears.

Stay tuned as this project gets going!  There will be many pictures and stories to tell.  You’ll also get to follow as we place a “Zen” garden in the back part of our property for quiet times of meditation.

Loving life in Louisiana!  My laptop is still a bit slow and not doing what it used to do….any suggestions on the best deal on a new one are very welcome!  Happy Tuesday and thanks for following!


This is NOT a post!  It’s a picture taken locally that says…”It’s a new day….ENJOY”!  It’s a present….the present!  What will you do with it?

Simple Sundays

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The North Shore/Google

What a week it has been!  Being the primary caregiver to three adults, all of us living under the same roof, can be challenging at best. I’m so grateful to be here, doing what I do I cannot complain.  Writing posts again has been therapy for me, as always.  My trusty laptop has gone so many places with me as I have written over the past four years.  It is a gift to me that I have faithful readers who support and follow me!

Thanks to all of you who commented on my “Test” post after getting my website cleaned up and running again.  I sometimes wonder if those in foreign lands who “hack” our sites don’t have anything better to do!  Really!  Carnival season is beginning to rev up here in Louisiana!  We attended our first party last night and have lots to look forward to with trips to parades in New Orleans coming up.  But for now, it’s Sunday…..sit back, relax and fill your heart and our world with peace.  Lord knows we need it!  I have banned watching the news…any of it…fake, real or anything else.  It’s not good for my health!  Cheers to a wonderful day!


My website is back up!!!  Thanks to my wonderful web master!  Please let me know if you see this post and I’ll be up and running again!



Rebecca Louise Law

Rebecca Louise Law

It’s Valentine’s Day.  I often wonder about traditions.  Today I’m researching flowers and why we give them to our loved ones on this special day.  I found the term “floriography” on Martha Stewart’s beautiful website.  It’s a tradition started in Victorian England when flowers were delivered to express a love interest to a lady fair.  I found the photo I’m featuring above on a site that talks about the flower artistry of Rebecca Louise Law.  Ms. Law adorns the most unusual places with flowers!  Can you imagine the glorious fragrance?



I love this bouquet in a heart shape!  Colorful and capable of being dried and preserved to be enjoyed for years to come.  Somehow the flowers don’t seem to wasted in this form.  I hate watching cut flowers wither and fade away.  It’s always so sad when it is time to dispose of them.  This bouquet can live on!


I also love unusual containers!  Isn’t this a lovely arrangement?  The more unique the combination and presentation the better!  I hope you’ll enjoy and celebrate love today and everyday!  We don’t have to wait for February 14th to send a message with flowers!




Growing up in Houston, Texas, I always looked forward to the “Azalea Trail” each spring.  Now I have a mini azalea trail in our new backyard.  Our home is situated on an acre of land the back part of which is full of huge azalea bushes, camelia and holly.  That’s what we’ve uncovered thus far.  I love nothing better than getting my hands in the soil and planting a garden so I’ve got lots of plans for both the back and front yard.


For now I’m enjoying the pop of fuschia as blooms add a spark of color to a gray February day.  It’s peaceful….something very important in my life these days.  Did I mention we’re adding a chicken coop so we can have fresh eggs?  I’ll be sharing that project with you and all of the outdoor plans as things take shape.  In the middle of the back part of the yard we’re putting a quiet little Zen garden for meditation and alone time.  On the inside we’re still unpacking boxes.  I have a goal of unpacking and organizing/storing 3-4 boxes a day.  I used to have a lot more stamina than I do now so I pace myself and know I’ll be here for years to come.  There is nothing to hurry for!  When I realized that being in a rush about everything is a sort of fear that time is running out it made me stop and think about relaxing and letting life show me it’s plan.  There is something comforting about letting go.

It’s Monday!  You have a blank canvas!  What will you fill it with?