Wednesday Word

I love this word!  Serendipity…things that happen by chance.  Have you ever dreaded going to a social event only to meet a new friend or even the love of your life?  Serendipity….life’s rewards that come unexpectedly.  Finding something good without looking for it is another definition.  When you go the extra mile simply because you love your work or situation you never know what the surprise will be.  I love knowing that the unexpected can happen.  Free your mind, erase your expectations and be joyous!  When you realize how much your mind can get in your way with thoughts that are negative or reactions that repeat time and again because you are programmed by years of events you’ll feel like a door has opened and new experiences can begin!

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  1. Judith Says:

    Your blog is serendipitous frequently~definitely another way to look at the world <3

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