Too Big Buck

Too Big Buck, you ask?  This is no ordinary dog we’re talking about.  There’s even a book written about him, he’s that special!  My friend, Holly McClure, local literary agent and author is the proud owner of this lovely fellow.  He came to her and her husband, Jack, because he is not the typical Pomeranian.  In fact, he’s about three times bigger than most of the breed.  At three months he already weighed 15 pounds!


His original owner’s dissatisfaction with his size turned out to be a blessing.  Buck was taken in by Holly and Jack, then spoiled rotten.  Who wouldn’t spoil this cutie?  I have to tell you that this is a dog with personality plus.  He greets guests at the door with great enthusiasm and likes to be part of any social gathering.


Buck enjoys walking and running on the beach.  He’d like to be a lap dog, but as you can see, he’s a bit big for that!

Holly admits that Buck adopted HER the minute he layed eyes on her.  Love at first site!  And that hasn’t changed.  Read more about Holly and her wonderful books here:  You can also order a copy of the book Holly recently published entitled, of course, “Too Big Buck”. It will be signed by both Holly and Buck if you order through her site.  It’s also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble for those of you who enjoy reading on Kindle or Nook.  A percentage of sales goes to help feed and care for animals in the Coastal Georgia area.


I’m pleased to call Buck my friend.  He and Murphy share a play date when it’s possible and the fur flies!  A good time is had by all!

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