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Okay….indulge me!  I am a fan of anything to do with Camelot…King Arthur…Guinevere and Avalon.  So, since it is May 1st, I am sharing one of my favorite songs from the wonderful musical “Camelot”.  Enjoy Vanessa Redgrave celebrating the coming of the month of May with her court!  It is a lusty song, beautifully filmed and orchestrated.  We’re celebrating my dad’s 88th birthday tomorrow and having a feast today.  Mr. T has more surgery tomorrow so we’re praying for success and recovery.  Join me in savoring this first day of the last month of Spring!

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  1. Judith Says:

    Was walking through the park one day, in the very merry month of May, I was taken by SURPRISE, that Grady’s Happy 88th had arrived!
    Best wishes to all today~Judith

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