Simple Sundays

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All of my readers know how I love to go on to YouTube and find beautiful music to share with you on Sundays.  I am in love with the piece I am featuring today.  “Tranformation”, from “Les Ailes Pourpres”, composed by The Cinematic Orchestra.  This piece is joyful and uplifting….perfect for a simple day of rest, relaxation and time with friends and family.  Life is all about transformation if we are opening our hearts and minds to personal growth and acceptance.  I once read that, as humans, we are the only species that does not thrive on repetition.  We drive ourselves and stress over the tiniest things when we need to be enjoying, looking at the spaces between things and breathing deeply.  Go outside today.  Look at the spaces between the trees, between the clouds, anywhere and silently feel the peace it will bring to your soul.  On Sunday’s and everyday I am surrounded and delighted by the beauty of nature and I always say thank you.

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