It’s Bloody Amazing!

I usually do not repeat a post, but in this case I have made an exception.  I participated in an on-line link party that was an international event last week.  I also posted this story about Marian on Monday of that week.  I didn’t feel that her story got to be up long enough due to the event so I am reposting today.  This is a great product and Marian is an outstanding entrepreneur.  I hope you’ll enjoy her story and try her product!

There is NOTHING I love more than a success story in the making.    I think I came into this world hard wired with an entrepreneurial spirit.  I appreciate anyone who has the ideas, drive and ambition to make something work.  I am sharing this post with you once again since Marian’s interview got mixed into a week long International Link Party I was asked to participate.  Marian’s story and her product are so good, I feel they need the undivided attention of my readers!


When I met Marian Aiksnora last week I was not disappointed.  I tasted her “Bloody Amazing Bloody Mari ‘n’ Marinade Island Seasoning” at Vivan’s AccentMarketplace when a pitcher of Bloody Mary’s was there for tasting on a rainy Saturday afternoon.  I’m always looking for delicious mixes for drinks.  At first taste I felt a slight pucker from the tartness, then, as the flavors grew in my mouth I thought, “Wow!”, this is really great!  I, personally, do not like a bland Bloody Mary.

Bloody Amazing

I picked up a flyer for the product and realized that this is not JUST Bloody Mary Mix.  Marian has taken her product a step further and created all sorts of recipes that use her mix with awesome results!


Marian Aiksonra is a winner.  After years of working in the high tech world as a graphic designer, she found herself in financial straights after the now famous crash of 2008.  Raising two children on one’s own is always a challenge and with no job, even more so.  Marian accepted a position as bartender at a golf club in Connecticut.  Customers would order Bloody Marys, but they were not happy with the club’s recipe.  After putting together a list of ingredients suggested by her clientele, Marian came up with this delicious blend of spicy tomato goodness that adds a kick to the ever popular brunch drink as well as cocktail dipping sauce, steak marinade and many other recipes she has come up with.  “All I wanted to do was make a good Bloody Mary mix.”, Marian told me, this product has gone far beyond that!

bloody mary

“Bloody Amazing” is available on-line or you can find a store near you by visiting the website, .  It doesn’t take much, so a bottle goes a long way.  Cheers Marian!  I wish you a huge success and I believe that wish will come true!

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  1. Anita Rivera Says:

    Hello Melissa! Did you decide to no longer participate in the party?The party is supposed to last up until this Friday. Please let me know. Anita

  2. Barbara Says:

    Pleased you reposted, ’cause I missed it.
    Love the name of Marian’s seasoning and that last photo is making my mouth pucker. Is there anything better at a brunch?

  3. Melissa Says:

    Barbara, this product is so outstanding. You and I are both foodies and are not easily impressed. This is a fantastic base for so many recipes. I’m so happy you got to see the post!

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