Betsy Knight

I suspected that my posts about pets, their owners and all facets of their world and needs would be great fun to write.  I have not been disappointed!  I learned so much from Betsy Knight, owner of “Betsy Grooms” (go here),  located at “The Pet Exchange” on St. Simons Island.  Voted best groomer on the island by “Elegant Island Living” for four years in a row, it is no surprise to me that she holds this title having spent time talking with her both in and out of her grooming facility.

Betsy has always loved animals and found a special interest in their care and grooming after graduating from high school in New York state.  She attended a technical school, Orange-Ulster BOCES (Board Of Cooperative Educational Services) where she got her certificate in the fundamentals of dog grooming.  Betsy moved to Coastal Georgia in 2002 and worked at Island Veterinary until the birth of her son in 2008.  She is currently studying for her Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies at Armstrong Atlantic State University out of Savannah and also minoring in psychology.

In her work with dogs, Betsy says she sees a strong correlation between the psychology of people and that of pets.  In many ways our beloved pets’ behavior can be very similar to children.  If you’re worried about leaving your pet with a groomer because they cry and shake as you leave, know that it’s just like your children when you first took them to school.  Betsy says they calm down as soon as their owners leave and really do enjoy the pampering she provides.  Many of the pets Betsy grooms, dogs and cats alike, have been coming to her for so long that she feels like a part of their family.  She is especially dedicated to providing sensitive care for special needs pets.

While visiting with Betsy in her shop she introduced me to a breed I did not recognize.  This precious dog, Bandit Kilgore, owned by the Kilgore family on St. Simons is a “Cavachon” which is a Cavalier King Charles/Bichon Hybrid.  I think Murphy may be very jealous because he immediately knew I had been around another pet when I returned to our home after my meeting with Betsy.  How could you not want to pet this little sweetheart?    She is so well mannered and gentle…..puppy love!

Bandit & Betsy (2)

Here are a couple of tips Betsy shared with me that may be of interest or value to you and your pets.  When taking your dog to a groomer, no matter where you live, be sure to inform the technician if the animal is a rescue pet.  If your pet has a problem with loud noises you’ll want to arrive early to avoid the busy time of day.  Give the groomer any necessary information on your pet so that they can  be in better touch with your dog or cats special traits, likes, dislikes and overall personality.  Are they used to being around other animals?  This can be important in a grooming shop.  Also, start your pets grooming experience as early in their lives as possible.  The more comfortable they feel in the grooming environment, even if they are only getting a bath and being rewarded with treats, they’ll be comfortable with actual grooming when the time comes since they will already have a positive bond with the groomer.

Speaking of treats.  I found out something I did not know.  The Ameris Bank on Saint Simons offers their clients special pets “Chicken Nibbles”, these yummy treats have no fillers or additives.  They are made up of 100% chicken breast.  The Pet Exchange provides these special treats to the bank.  I wondered why Murphy gets so excited whenever we visit their drive through window!

On a more serious note.  A well informed groomer will know what to look for in your pet as they work with them.  Betsy shared an amazing story with me regarding one of the pets she was grooming as we talked in her shop.  This beautiful Sheltland Sheepdog, owned by Nancy Harmeyer, came for grooming a while back when Betsy immediately noticed a strange lump in the dogs armpit.  She notified the owner and actually saved the dogs life with this discovery.  Mrs. Harmeyer immediately took her pet, Molly, to her veterinarian, and found out the dog had a very aggressive form of cancer that was caught in time to save her precious pet’s life.  Molly would not have been long for this world had the disease not been found in its early stage.


We all love our pets and their care is so very important.  Finding the right groomer in your area is something to put at the top of your list!  Betsy Knight certainly fills the bill!

You can contact Betsy at 912-506-0645.  She schedules appointments on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and some Saturday’s.  Call or text Betsy for more information.

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“Two Friends”

Fabulousness!  That’s the word Marti Tolleson, owner of Two Friends, wants her shop to be known for.  Located in Redfern Village on St. Simons Island, Marti is in the perfect location, offering one stop shopping for all sorts of fashion, shoes, gifts and gourmet goodies.  Everywhere you look in Two Friends your eyes are met with something you’ll just have to take home!  Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift, something for the bride, a baby gift or that special treat you want to indulge yourself in for no special reason, you’ll find it here.


Two Friends started in Perry, Georgia when Marti and her friend and partner, Francis Hargrove decided to open a business together.  Something they could do that would be fun and allow them to express their love of fashion and all things beautiful.  When Francis moved to Cashier, North Carolina, Marti took over the business in Perry then moved, with her family, to St. Simons where they now live full time.

The Tolleson’s have visited Coastal Georgia and maintained a second residence here for several years, but when they made St. Simons their primary residence, it was still an adjustment.  Marti took her time exploring the island, familiarizing herself with the different areas where shops abound and settled on Redfern Village in the heart of the island where she decided to open her second Two Friends location.  The shop in Perry is going strong and the St. Simons store is thriving.


“You have to get a feel for the cycles in business, here”, Marti said.  “Every place has its slower times and the times when business is booming.”  Marti is definitely in rhythm with Valentine’s Day this coming Thursday.   “Champagne and Shopping” will be going full force, as customers are offered a delicious combination of chilled champagne and mango juice, topped with a wedge of fresh strawberry to celebrate the season of love.


Displays throughout the shop are filled with all things red, hot pink and perfect for that special someone.  There are great gifts for the man in your life, the best new cookbooks, everything you need to throw the perfect cocktail party AND a great line of gourmet products, Low Country Produce, that make entertaining easy.  Marti showed me one of their products, Low Country Creole, that makes giving an impromptu dinner party a snap.  Just heat up the jar of sauce, add some sweet Georgia shrimp, make a pot of boiled rice and you have it.  All you need to round out the meal is a crisp, green salad, some crusty bread and your wine of choice.  What could be easier?

low country creole

I had a wonderful time talking with Marti as she showed me through her store.  There definitely is something for everyone on your gift giving list to be found here.   Marti has a way of making you feel right at home with her warm, Southern style.  I feel like I’ve made a new friend, which is one of the many joys I’m finding as I continue my blogging journey.

Visit Marti’s “Two Friends” Facebook page for regular updates on new products, fashions and updates on the opening of her new store, “Two Friends Too“.  Just across the street from her current location, her new venture will be an antique lovers paradise, with shipments coming from England and France as well as lots of wonderful decorating accessories and other items to make your home ever so lovely.

I know you’ll fall in  love with Two Friends the minute you enter the store and breathe in the aroma of  the wonderful candles and fragrances Marti carries.  Two Friends is, quite simply, delightful!  Marti says, “Be Happy!” and from what I experienced during the time I spent with her, she practices what she preaches!

Two Friends…304 Redfern Village….St. Simons Island, GA 31522…..912-268-4359

Thoughts On A Simple Sunday

In this new year I am setting a goal to live more simply.  With the passing of each year I feel less and less attachment to “things”.   Good relationships with friends and family have become so much more important to me than material things.  Don’t get me wrong, I love beautiful things, but I have learned that I don’t have to have them in order to live a peaceful life of comfort.  Please click on the link in the next paragraph to play the music, then come back to read the blog.

I chose the link to the song For The Beauty of the Earth click here, not only because it is beautiful, but because it’s words speak to living simply.  Living simply, in a state of grace, expressing gratitude for all things and sharing our love with each other is what feels right to me as this year begins.  Life happens so quickly in today’s high tech world.  By taking a moment to stop, be silent and connect with the peace of the silence several times a day I have found a way to control the stress I deal with on a daily basis.

I am surrounded by beauty at every turn here on St. Simons Island.  Whether I see a giant heron gliding over the lagoon behind our home or I witness the magnificence of the sun rising over the ocean early in the morning, I am grateful.IMG_2571

What are you grateful for today?

Finally Friday’s

At the end of the week we are all ready to kick back and relax for a few days.  Life on Georgia’s Coast is all about island time and enjoying life.  That’s why we choose to live here!  While other parts of the country are buried under snow, we are loving walks on the beach with temperatures in the high 60’s and low 70’s…..paradise!  That’s why our time here is golden and also why so many “snow birds” choose to spend their winter months in our area.  Perfection!  It’s what we have to remember during the short amount of sweltering, humid heat we experience from July through September.



Every Friday I’ll be sharing special events that may be of interest to you, your friends and family as well as some posts on local history.  I continued to be fascinated by the history that surrounds on this small stretch of barrier islands.  I continually hear about some person or event from years gone by that amaze and intrigue me!

I’m nearing the end of my first week of blogging.  It has been fun and I have learned so many things.  I’d love to hear your feedback on my posts thus far.  What did you or didn’t you like?  What inspired you?  And also, what would you like to see on Friday posts that would be of interest to you?


Listed below are just a few of these events that are happening this weekend:

Island Treasures 2013 is taking place on Jekyll Island as it has since 2002.  Treasure hunters can search Jekyll for the one of a kind glass floats that are created by artisans all over the country.  Each float is stamped with the year of the hunt on its base and can be registered at the Jekyll Island Visitor’s Center to receive a biography of the artist who created the float as well as a certificate of authentication.  The techniques use to create these beautiful spheres is the same that method followed for over 2000 years.  With the onset of plastic fishing floats there use has disappeared, making these specially crafted treasures of even greater value!   Since I collect glass floats, you may run into me there!

glass floats

Two different events are taking place at the Glynn Art Association on Saint Simons:  a Digital Art Exhibition and the Coastal Photography Shoot.  Anyone interested in either of these art forms will find a feast for the eyes!  You’ll find the gallery at 529 Beachview Drive near the Lighthouse on Saint Simons.

Heather Heath, Executive Director of the Golden Isles Arts & Humanities, will have a casual conversation with attendees about the significance of art and humanities in our area on Sunday, February 10 from 3:00 – 5:00 pm.  The event will take place at the Mildred Huie Museum at 1819 Frederica Road on St. Simons Island.  A $5.00 donation is requested.

Mildred Huie Museum

Not on the weekend but of great interest to foodies is the upcoming Chef’s Demonstration at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel, Wednesday, February 13th in the Club Ballroom.  The Chef will be preparing Filet of Fish en Papillote….delicious!  Reservations are recommended and can be made by calling:  912-635-2600.  Bon apetit!

mardi gras

If you want to venture down to St. Mary’s you can enjoy a family oriented Mardi Gras festival on Saturday, 2/9.  A bike tour, 5K run, street dance, parade, arts & crafts with plenty of food vendors will be there for your enjoyment.  If you want to stay for the Mardi Gras Ball that evening you can make reservations by calling: 800-868-8687.

Music lovers can find their favorite bands playing all over the area.  I’ll be posting more about this next week.  Share any information you may have with me about musical events and I’ll share them with my readers.





ST. MARY, GA—St. Marys Little Theatre, Lisa Allen Dance Works, and The Friese Studio of Music have teamed up to offer scholarships to this year’s Summer Musical Theatre Camp scheduled for June 10-14 and June 17-21. To be eligible for scholarship consideration, an application must be filled out and submitted by March 1st. Applications can be picked up at Lisa Allen Dance Works, 10880 Colerain Road, or by emailing Camp attendees and scholarship applicants should be ages 5 to 16.

This year’s two-week musical theatre camp, offered up by a consortium of Camden County’s most respected performance organizations—Lisa Allen Danceworks, The Friese Studio of Music, and St. Marys Little Theatre, is themed “Love Disney,” and will incorporate music, dance, and drama with favorite Disney characters played by camp attendees. According to Lisa Allen, owner of Lisa Allen Danceworks, every attendee will be a part of the grand showcase at the end of the two-week camp.

“The ‘Love Disney’ experience will enhance self expression and help build self confidence while the children learn to sing, dance and act,” Allen said. “Even seasoned performers will find the camp refreshing and an opportunity to polish their skills and build their resume.”
Allen went on to say that all levels of experience are welcome, even kids who have never performed in front of an audience before.

Megan Friese, owner of The Friese Studio of Music, said, “Last year’s theatre camp was so successful, we decided it must be a yearly event. Parents and the public were impressed by how much we accomplished in the two week period, and many of our attendees went on to participate in subsequent performances in and out of our area.”

Barbara Ryan, Director of St. Marys Little Theatre (SMLT), said that the 2013 Musical Theatre Camp is an official program of SMLT’s outreach to encourage the youth of Camden County to get involved in performing arts.

“Research shows that young people who participate in community theatre have the opportunity to develop skills such as improved communication, critical thinking, and social skills—all key components of any self-development program,” Ryan said. “This year’s camp will empower children to express themselves physically, emotionally, and intellectually. And the most important thing is that the kids will be having fun, which is what summertime is all about.”

Parents are asked to register their children for the camp by May 20 either in person at Lisa Allen Danceworks, 10880 Colerain Road in St. Marys, or online at Casting calls will be conducted March 9 from 2pm to 4 pm at The Friese Studio of Music, and March 16, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. at Theatre by the Trax.  If unable to attend casting call, please call 912-673-9161.
For more information, call 912-673-9161.

Camp runs June 10-14 and June 17-21, 2012 from 9 am to 1 pm.
Ages: 5 to 16
Tuition: $185 per person
Non refundable registration fee: $25
“Love Disney Show” to be performed June 21 at 6 pm at Theatre by the Trax, 1000 Osborne St., St. Marys
Register by May 20 at Lisa Allen Danceworks or online at
Casting Calls: March 9 from 2 – 4 pm at The Friese Studio of Music and March 16 from 9 – 11 a.m. at Theatre by the Trax.
All levels of experience are welcome, including beginners.
Call 912-673-9161 for more information.

Chef Dave Snyder + a special giveaway

Dave Snyder (2)

It must be a sign from the Universe when you find yourself cutting classes in college to cook. That still small voice inside your head is directing you to your destiny if you’ll listen. Listen is exactly what Chef Dave Snyder did years ago when he found himself in this situation. A guidance counselor suggested Dave might want to look into attending culinary school since college just didn’t prove to be his “cup of tea”. The rest is history.

As head of the very successful Halyard’s Restaurant Group on St. Simons Island, Chef Dave offers culinary paradise for the devout foodie. Residents and tourists alike visit his two restaurants, “Tramici” (go here) and “Halyards” (go here) to sample the fabulous items on the menu, daily specials an excellent wine list and other libations. Tramici offers a more casual Italian bistro atmosphere with delicious brick oven pizzas, cooked to perfection loaded, with your favorite toppings, outstanding pasta, delectable salads and daily specials. Halyards offers a more upscale, yet still island casual, dining experience with it’s lovely decor, intimate booths and innovative seasonal menus. Either way, you can’t miss if you are a food lover.

Among Chef Dave’s many food related passions is providing the finest, freshest ingredients to create signature dishes that tantalize the palate to keep his customers coming back for more. Most recently he has introduced “Sunday Plantation Suppers” at Halyards where traditional comfort foods are served up family style in the Southern way. A recent Sunday night menu included buttermilk fried chicken, fried pork chops and grilled Manchester quail with mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and a crisp, tossed salad to round out the meal. I love to cook, but Sunday dinner out with my family is something I truly enjoy and this fills the bill!

Here’s some exciting news Chef Dave shared with me when we met to discuss his life, interests and passions. Be on the look out for a line of products about to debut under the “Tramici” label! The first delicious offering will be the fabulous marinara sauce trademarked at Tramici that makes their lasagna and other pasta dishes dazzle with complex flavors of tomato, fresh herbs and other secret ingredients. Soon to follow will be salad dressings and other condiments foodies can purchase for their home cooking enjoyment.

Chef Dave is actively involved in the South Atlantic Fisherman’s Association (go here) which provides him the opportunity to meet with various members of our government, on a state and national level, in reference to saving our oceans so that fish and seafood thrive. A fishing boat is no stranger to Chef Dave as he makes his way out into local waters as often as possible to provide the freshest, local catch for his patrons.

On a more personal side I asked Dave what he loves about living in coastal Georgia and he simply replied, “Peace”. He also loves southern hospitality and it abounds in both of his businesses with servers who are trained to provide a welcoming, friendly environment in which to dine. Family is at the top of Dave’s list when it comes to priorities. I asked him to share his favorite meal with readers, something he makes in his down time. He graciously shared his yummy recipe for fish tacos that I am delighted to share with you! Roll up all of the ingredients in a warm, soft corn tortilla and enjoy with an icy cold beer!

Chef Dave’s Fish Tacos

Local Snapper dusted with ground cumin, light chili powder, salt and pepper.
Saute fish in hot pan with olive oil and touch of butter………….do not overcook.

Warmed, soft corn tortillas

In pot, boil tomatoes, pequin peppers, yellow onion, jalapeno, and garlic for about 5 mins.
Puree in blender with cilantro until smooth.
Season with salt, pepper, and lime juice.

Long Grain Rice
Cooked in chicken stock

Sliced Avocado

Cold Beer of course.

Both Tramici and Halyards cater or you can enjoy the beautiful Village Creek Landing (go here) where events of all sizes can be held. Experienced coordinators are on hand to help you plan your special event. This is also where adventures begin if you’re looking for a sunset cruise, kayaking or fishing instruction.

What a delight to spend time with Chef Dave and share our mutual love of great food, wine and service. He is actively involved in the Glynn County Boys and Girls Club as a member of their board, as well as Georgia Grown Chefs which encourages local restaurants to use local produce. He also offers cooking classes and interactive dinners he’ll prepare for you and a small group of guests. His most recently published book “Edible Art” is available on either of the websites you can access above. As he grows his businesses I suspect there will be more exciting news to share!

Here’s to you Chef Dave…you continually inspire and delight your clientele with the best of everything!  And NOW for the giveaway!  Leave a comment for me on this post, “like” Halyard’s and Tramici on Facebook and your name will be entered in our special giveaway.  Chef Dave will offer the lucky winner a bottle of wine from his regular list with dinner!  signature (1)

Leanne Massock defines an odyssey in this way:   odyssey n. , pl. , –seys . An extended adventurous voyage or trip. An intellectual or spiritual quest: an odyssey of discovery.

I am featuring Leanne Massock on my “Odysseys” page today since her story is truly a personal journey into health, recovery and well-being.  We are all aware of the fact that none of us can know what tomorrow may bring.   We constantly see catch phrases like “live in the now”, “be in the present”, “life is a gift that’s why we call it the present”.

What would you do if you began to feel out of sorts, if your body just didn’t feel “right”?  I’m sure that fear would be one of the emotions you might experience.  Add to that sense of “dis-ease” the physical illness you would feel, the out of control sensation that would be so foreign to you.  This is what began to happen to Leanne in April of 2012.  Her story is one of enlightenment and inspiration.

Leanne has led an active life.  In 1994 she received recognition as one of the fastest women in California having finished a 5K race in 15 minutes.  Her journey into physical fitness from the standpoint of weight training began in 1999 when she and her husband moved to Florida and she became connected with a personal trainer at the local health club.  Leanne continued her training in Indiana when her husband was, once again, transferred by his company.  She connected with a boot camp program at the gym there and was encouraged to train for figure competition.  In order to excel in the competitions she needed to learn how to develop muscle through nourishment, to listen to her body and how different foods made her feel.  Leanne became an expert at feeding her body what it needed to build muscle without drug enhancement to improve her performance.

At the age of 40 Leanne won 4th place in her first competition, an amazing feat in her eyes since self-confidence has not been her strong suit.  After another job related transfer to coastal Georgia, Leanne continued her training and competitions, winning first place in the open category, which means women of all ages were competing together.  She was also awarded her “pro card” which meant she could compete professionally and receive monetary rewards for her winning.  Her confidence grew with each win and she planned to enter a professional competition in the fall of 2012.IMG_1940 (1)

On that April evening last spring, while attending a dinner party at a friends’ home in Brunswick, GA, Leanne began to feel ill.  The drive home that night was a long one as her husband repeatedly had to pull off of the road because Leanne was so ill.  She remembers hearing a tremendous noise in her left ear but felt she had a stomach virus.  This thought was further empowered by the fact that her teenage daughter began to have the same nausea and vomiting the next day.

The symptoms worsened and Leanne began to realize that her vision was impaired, that she felt dizzy and unable to stand.  She visited a local eye doctor who immediately recognized her condition as the result of either a stroke or a brain tumor.  The doctor arranged for her to be seen by a neurologist immediately.  From there began the odyssey for Leanne into the workings of her body, no matter how healthy and fit she seemed to be.

Leanne saw the diagnosis with disbelief.  She did not smoke, drink alcohol, or eat unhealthy foods. She did have some blood pressure issues but always took the prescribed medication to keep that under control.  She maintained a very active schedule to keep herself in top physical shape  in order to compete at a master level.  How could this have happened to her?

One of the physicians Leanne worked with asked her to go on-line and read about “Fibro Muscular Dysplasia”.  After doing so Leanne knew this was at the bottom of the problem.  A rare disease that weakens the artery walls in any area of the body it decides to attack.  In her case it was the carotid artery which dissected, thus causing the stroke.  Armed with valuable information about her disease, Leanne began her recovery process.  She continuously played games on her iPad, thinking this would help strengthen her eye muscles, enabling her to recover the peripheral sight she lost as a result of the stroke she experienced on that April night.  She learned that the sound she heard at the time was the carotid artery ripping.

Leanne’s story is one of inspiration and hope as well as a testimonial for staying in tune with our bodies and maintaining physical fitness.  Today her vision is 99% recovered, she is back at “Anytime Fitness” on St. Simons Island, working out and continuing her position as a personal trainer to members of the gym.

At this time in her recovery process she is not able to lift anything over 20 pounds which curtails her ability to compete. She can no longer participate in any intense activity.  Her attitude is amazing.  She literally came to the edge of death and has returned to tell her story.  She told me that she made a conscious decision to live her life and be happy.  She is determined to do everything she can to improve her health.  Her physician recently gave her an A+ for her willingness to actively work on her condition with the prescribed medications and activities she now can enjoy.  The doctor also told Leanne that one of the reasons she has had such a successful recovery thus far is because she IS in such good shape and so aware of how her body feels.

“You never know what’s coming, be prepared, stay in shape”, were Leanne’s words of wisdom she wants to share with readers.  She also stated that none of us are perfect.  We all slip and eat at a fast food restaurant from time to time or indulge in too many sweets, but to make good nutrition choices the majority of the time is important.  Balance + Moderation = Success!

Leanne will be speaking at a health symposium later this year that I will post information about as soon as it is available.  In the meantime she encourages readers to eat clean, make good choices about lifestyle and fitness and treasure each day.


Murphy’s World

We have a new addition to our family, “Murphy”, a rescue Wheaton Terrier from New Orleans, LA. After we lost our beloved yellow lab, Simon, in November we knew we needed to fill the huge hole left in our hearts and home. My husband’s daughter, who lives in NOLA saw this precious little scamp listed on the website at her local animal shelter. The rest is history.


I’ve always wanted a Wheaton Terrier and had just shown Tom a picture of one on-line. What a surprise to have Murphy arrive on our doorstep, thanks to a family member who happened to be visiting in New Orleans that very weekend and brought him home to us.

Murphy is a character. There are times when we wonder if he isn’t just a bit human. His quirky mannerisms, his verbal abilities and his loving nature have endeared him to our entire family! Not only is he a lucky dog, we’re so very lucky to have him!

I’ll be sharing story’s from other pet owners and professionals in the business of pet care every Tuesday.  Send me a message if you have a special pet you’d like to have featured in a post!

The Permanent Tourist

What is a blog?  On the website a blog has been described as follows:  A blog is a personal diary. A daily pulpit. A collaborative space. A political soapbox. A breaking-news outlet. A collection of links. Your own private thoughts.  Blogging has been referred to as a new art form as well as the new frontier for  journalism.

I am beginning my journey into blog land in order to learn, share and grow through my experiences and interaction with all kinds of people.  For years I have been passionate about the written word.  My daughter accuses me of  having OCD when it comes to correct spelling and grammar.  I have to laugh a bit because she is right.  But, if you are passionate about something it just goes with the territory.

My husband actually came up with the title  “The Permanent Tourist“.  I explained to him why I wanted to begin this blog, he thought for a moment and out came the title.  He’s really creative that way, one of the many things I love about him.

ssi marshes

I pinch myself when I drive across the causeway on frequent trips to and from the mainland to St. Simons Island where we live.  The sheer beauty of the area takes my breath away.  The light filtering through ancient oak trees that form graceful canopies on many of the streets makes me stop and contemplate the spaces and shadows cast by their lovely forms.  What a blessing to have the opportunity, the good fortune to live in a place so rich with history.SSI street canopy

The Permanent Tourist is my own form of discovering more about the area.  It is a vehicle for sharing information with those who live here as well as those who vacation here.  You will read interesting posts on people whose stories share their journey, their business, their art, their passion.  Food and entertainment will be a major part of the blog since cooking is my other passion and I love sharing the stories of local chefs and all of the fine restaurants throughout the Golden Isles.  Each week you’ll be able to find out what’s going on in the area that you might not hear of otherwise or discover some interesting stories about the history and culture of this beautiful place.  One of the passions I know people in the area share is their love of pets.  Murphy’s World posts will appear on Tuesday’s with heartwarming stories of residents and their special “fur” people, as well as valuable information to help with their care.

I’m especially looking forward to Friday’s posts.  Most of my adult life has been spent in the world of food.  As a professional chef and restaurant owner I always loved coming up with creative, delicious menus that feed the body, mind and spirit.  You’ll be able to visit The Permanent Tourist on Friday morning and find a delectable menu that you can easily prepare for entertaining, along with wine recommendations to pair with the meal.

I promise not to make this blog a political soapbox since I don’t find that appropriate.  Instead you can look forward to posts that will be interesting, that may enrich your life, teach you something of value and at times provide food for thought.  I am so pleased to share this journey with readers who can enjoy the ride as I set out on a path that is sure to be anything but boring!

signature (1)

The Permanent Tourist

Coming soon….we go live on Monday, February 4, 2013!  Please join us!