Wednesday Word

There are many reasons why I chose SILENT for this Wednesday’s word.  One of the things I love about this word is that it has the same letters in it as the word LISTEN.  Since moving to Louisiana and bringing my parents along so that I can care for them has been more than a simple challenge, but an experience I would not have missed for the world.  I have always been very close to them, especially my father.  Dad will be 88 in May.  His body is showing the signs of years of wear and it is failing him in ways none of us could ever have expected or imagined.  Recently diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia and the onset of Parkinson’s disease, each day is a challenge.  Along with the diagnosis comes the fact that macular degeneration has decreased his eyesight to 30% and his hearing to about the same percentage.  For a man of words this is all so very difficult.  We have learned the necessity of silence and patience as we deal with each day and what it brings, never knowing what it might be.  It is essential that we be silent when trying to converse with him and listen to what he has to say.  His words no longer come easily but they do come with a bit of effort.  One thing I so admire about my dad is that he insists we be open about what is going on and discuss it one on one as well as a family.  My love and respect for him have grown from this experience beyond measure.  It has also forced me to realize how important it is to be SILENT.  The ability to go within and take time to be still and listen is imperative to our well being.  If only for ten minutes each day…..find the time and claim it for yourself.

I wouldn’t change my situation for the world.  I consider it an honor to care for my parents and see to their needs as they did mine for so many years.  Our world is busy and rapidly changing.  I could question how such a terrible disease could strike a man but we, as humans, cannot know what causes such things.  Love is the order of the day and plenty of patience.  As we travel on this journey, knowing there will be no cure or recovery, I try to remember to take the time to be SILENT at different times throughout the day.  I find it helps me center myself, clear my mind and it enables me to carry on.  Wishing you all a very wonderful Wednesday in which you take that moment for yourself.

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