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Chef Dave Snyder's Summer Produce

Chef Dave Snyder’s Summer Produce

I am a Flexitarian!  People tend to laugh at me when asked what that means so I decided to use this word for today’s post.  As a flexitarian I choose what I want to eat.  I believe it means that I am a conscious eater.  I want to know where my food comes from and how it was raised.  I prefer organic produce, locally grown and in season.  I do not want to buy scallions from Mexico or fruit from any place that is not within 100 miles of our home.  In the instance of meat, which I very rarely consume any longer, I want to know how and where it was raised.  Grass fed beef that did not go through a slaughterhouse is my preference.  I can hardly bring myself to eat pork any long but will on occasion.  Chicken is still on the regular menu…one to two times a week.  But my favorite form of lean protein remains fish and seafood.  Living in the mecca of extraordinary food makes my choices very easy.  I have learned how to make a mean black bean burger and all sorts of meat substitutes that are easy and delicious.  I’ll share more about my choices and the impact they have on my overall health.  I feel great so something must be working!  Here’s to healthy eating!

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  1. Judith Says:

    A you’re an author
    B you’re a blogger
    C you’re a cousin
    D you’re a designer
    E you’re eclectic
    F you’re a “flexitarian”,
    and that’s just getting started~

    somewhere amid mother, wife, and toe nail painter, original Texan, and pet lover; the flex will always remind me of how flexible you are

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