Wednesday Word

Mosaic!  A word that speaks to so many different things.  Art… the first thing that may come to mind.  I am thinking of this word in regard to life today.  Each of us make a mosaic as we live our lives.  There are intricate twists and turns as well as places that flow gently.  All of our experiences come together to form the fabric of our lives.  The triumphs and pitfalls we live through all create the patterns of our lives.  I believe we can change things for the better through positive thinking and focus.  Think about it today and take a moment to close your eyes and see the mosaic you’d like your life to create.  I found this beautiful mosaic on-line and feel it expresses what I’d like my life to create.

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  1. Judith Says:

    Circles within circles, and the great mandela…all working together in universal harmony <3 🙂

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