Wednesday Word

As a writer I am constantly searching for interesting new words.  Words that are not common, that speak to how I feel and to what I believe.  Today’s word is from ancient Greece.  Agathist …..a person who believes that everything will ultimately turn out for the good.  Similar to the word optimist, an agathist focuses on the positive instead of dwelling on the negative “what ifs”.  The longer I live the more aware I become of the absolute fact that we are in charge of our attitudes.  We are in charge of choosing happiness, positive thought patterns and the people who make us feel good about life and about ourselves.  Yes, there are people who are literally toxic for us and we need to distance ourselves from them.  When you realize you are not a victim of anything except the thoughts you think and the decisions you make it is extremely freeing.  It takes practice.  The more you practice the more you’ll become aware of the many negative patterns and imprints you allow into your thoughts.  But they can be erased and reworked.  Being an agathist is a wonderful goal.  It doesn’t mean things we consider negative or “bad” will not happen to us, but our reactions to these things can be shifted so that we accept and move on.  Harboring negative thoughts is damaging mentally and physically.  So ponder on today’s word and see how it makes you feel.  Quiet your mind and focus on the positive.  Miracles can occur when you begin a daily practice of this!  I can guarantee it!

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