Wednesday Word

I’ve been thinking of this word a lot lately.  I am a creative soul.  I thrive on being creative.  The only times I find myself feeling low or down are times when I have neglected this all important part of my spirit.  If I allow myself to become depressed or overly concerned about daily living it literally negates my ability to create.  And, in the same turn, when I allow myself to let my imagination soar and I put my fingers on the keys of my computer, my pen on paper or my brush on a canvas all of the little things that really mean nothing disappear.  For this reason I am extremely concerned about the constant hacking away at the arts in our world today.  In schools the arts are not given the emphasis they deserve.  Children must be creative!  They cannot be put in a box and be expected to fit in.  They are each individuals just we all are.  Without creative expression we are just lost souls wandering around searching for happiness.  Today think of what brings you joy!  Even if it’s finger painting…..get out the paint and go for it.  Take your camera with you wherever you go to capture things of beauty.  Start writing your memoirs or that novel you know lies deep within you….even if you never get it published….DO IT!  CREATE!

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  1. Judith Says:

    Once upon a time, there was a magic pillow, full of love and healing properties…

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