Wednesday Word

Illusion…..  It has been said that life is an illusion.  Over my years of reading and studying it makes more and more sense to me.  All groups who practice positive thinking speak of thoughts being things and of our ability to create our own realities.  This concept puts the responsibility on each of us, as individuals, to shape our worlds and make them what we want them to be.  We are not victims in the scheme of things.  Once we realize that our “dis-ease” with our lives comes from the thoughts we think continually and the imprints made on our minds as children by our elders and peer group we begin to transform and our lives change forever.  Remember the children’s song “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”?  I always love the line “Life is but a dream”.  I like the concept of creating Illusions.  Taking responsibility for my thoughts and actions is freeing in a way nothing else is.  Yes, I believe in a higher power and I think once we do take responsibility for the way we have chosen to live it is much easier to let go and let that power show us the way.  To me this is the challenge of living.  It is a challenge I embrace and work to achieve each day….always asking to be of service to others and be shown my path.  It’s not a path I may have chosen, but when one lets go the true path makes itself clear and we begin living from the heart and not the mind.

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