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Many of us make resolutions for the new year and fail to keep them.  I really don’t think of it as failing, we just tend to set goals for ourselves that may not be reachable for one reason or another.  I have clearly resolved to eat a healthier, more plant based diet this year.  In keeping with that I met MiMi McGee and we talked about so many interesting topics:   healthy eating, growing our own vegetables, helping the environment.  The conversation was stimulating and thought provoking.


MiMi is one lady who walks her talk.  She is actively involved with “Coastal Georgia Veg Group”, a new local group that brings people of similar interests together.  The first meeting of the group in Brunswick happened a couple of weeks ago and they will continue on a monthly basis.  This is a group of people who are consciously aware of the challenges we face in our stressful lives, who want to do something to make a better environment as well as feed their bodies in a healthy way that enhances their overall well being.  You can find out more via “Meet Up”,

heart shape by various vegetables and fruits

When I first layed eyes on MiMi, as I entered her lovely home in Brunswick, I immediately felt the glow of health that radiates like a beacon around her.  The light in her eyes, her skin, everything about her says lively, aware and loving.  As a vegan cooking instructor MiMi shares her knowledge of the healing power of a plant based diet with people who are seeking a better way.  It struck me that MiMi does not advocate a vegan lifestyle as something everyone must do.  She is very flexible in her approach to diet and speaks of balance as the most important thing.  MiMi is connecting people all over our area in an effort to raise awareness of the importance of eating locally grown produce.  You can attend monthly meetings where people like Mathew Raiford, chef on Little Saint Simon’s Island, share their passion for growing organic produce and raising livestock holistically.   This is a movement that is rapidly gaining momentum in the Coastal Georgia area.

the purples

MiMi is a dedicated steward of good will and healthy habits.  Her “Food For Life” classes are her avenue for reaching out to health conscious people all over our area.  She teaches classes on preparing nutritious foods that are proven to have healing qualities and she makes it  fun for her students providing them with hands on instruction.  You can visit her website,, to find the schedule of classes that are currently held at the St. Simons Fitness Center, www.  MiMi also offers classes privately and for small groups who gather in a friend’s kitchen to share a truly life changing experience.

MiMi 1

When I arrived at MiMi’s she had just prepared a “green” smoothie and offered me a glass to taste.  I’m pretty adventurous and I love a good smoothie so my answer was a resounding “Of Course, I’d love it!”, and what I tasted was so delicious and yummy I wanted more!  I have to learn how to combine veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds and other ingredients in the way that MiMi does……magical is the word that comes to mind!  I never knew that brussel sprout leaves and cabbage could be blended with apples, carrots, flax seed oil and other goodies to create such a sensational flavor experience.  It has me thinking I probably need to treat myself to MiMi’s course on making healthy smoothies as soon as possible.


It is so refreshing to talk with someone who is enthusiastic about what they are doing, it’s infectious!  MiMi is focused on making a difference in our area and on being a catalyst for a truly authentic Farmer’s Market where local growers and foodie’s can sell their produce, baked goods, artisanal cheeses, organic wines….the possibilities are exciting and endless.  Her goal is to educate people in a way that makes plant based eating easy and convenient.  I have a feeling that as my friendship with MiMi grows we’ll be sharing many deliciously healthy recipes with each other and my readers.  She believes that the balance in our diet can be achieved by lessening the amount of animal protein we eat and increasing the plant based sources.  I’m also looking forward to learning how to make non-dairy cheeses that will be a mainstay in my home, dairy has always been a digestive challenge for me.

Smoky Cheddar spread

I left MiMi’s place feeling renewed and energized.  A warm hug goodbye and a promise to get together and share food, ideas and avenues for getting this movement going in a big way completed a perfect hour together!  My adventure continues as I meet more people and have the opportunity to hear their stories, talk about what they are passionate about and write meaningful posts for my growing group of subscribers!  We’re all in this together, joining hearts and hands to improve the way we live.

6 Responses

  1. MiMi Says:

    Thanks Melissa! It was so great to meet you and learn of all we have in common 🙂 YES, I look forward to sharing more in the not-too-distant future.

  2. Melissa Says:


  3. Anne Dyer Says:

    How exciting to meet MiMi through your eyes and I might add your taste buds!! She sounds delightful and the food sounds amazing!! Nothing in the world like healthy eating–plant based foods. Great interview. I will check out her site. Thanks Melissa!

  4. Melissa Says:

    Glad you liked it Anne. The best part of this blog for me is sharing and connecting interesting people with each other.

  5. Charles Bostick Says:

    Great article about MiMi McGee!!!! Would like to know more about her classes, etc.!!!!

  6. Melissa Says:

    Go to her website and you can find the schedule for classes. I’m happy you liked the post!

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