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“Begin to weave and God will provide the thread.”  This old German proverb stands alone on the page of a book recently sent to me by author, June Hall McCash, “The Thread Box”.

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“The Thread Box” is the latest of Ms. McCash’s wonderful books.  Unlike her other works of fiction and non-fiction that so many readers have enjoyed, this is a collection of poetry.  The lovely simplicity of the books’ cover with its vine of thread, seashells and flowers guides one inside the pages to discover that Ms. McCash can pen poetry in a way so few can.

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The book begins with a section on Jekyll Island, Georgia.  The author spent countless summers and holidays there writing about the island’s history and providing us with a peek into the bygone days of the Jekyll Island Club Hotel with its rich cast of characters and events.   The poetry you’ll find in this first section will have you feeling the squish of sand through your toes as you walk on the beach or gasp as you experience the color of wildflowers along the causeway leading onto the historic island.

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June Hall McCash is an award winning author of eleven books of fiction and nonfiction.  Her soon to be released work of young adult fiction, “The Boys of Shiloh”, is set in the Civil War and promises to be a great read, not just for middle schoolers, but for any age.  But I’m stuck on her poetry for the time being, devouring every line and letting my imagination see the images her words create.  I highly recommend “The Thread Box”, it takes you away from the cares of the day and paints pictures of the vast life and experience the author has enjoyed.  Just to whet your appetite a bit….here’s a short poem from the book entitled, “Winter Fragment”.

Winter Fragment

a dusting of snow on the roadway

like flour sifted on the castle floor

to catch a lover’s footprints

in the night

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June and Logan

Thank you June, for sharing your words, for showing us a bit of your soul and for creating this wonderful collection of poetry, “The Thread Box”.



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