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I’m passing the platform over to my friend, Nancy Kirkpatrick, today!  She and her lovely husband are on a Disney cruise aboard “The Magic”.  This magnificent ship will take my friends up the East Coast and across the Atlantic to Europe.  Nancy is going to share her experiences, photographs and observations with us as they make their way on this trip.  What a treat for us all!  Enjoy and look forward to more posts from Nancy as she travels!

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The Magic is real. And Disney’s cruise ship, “The Magic”, is a personification of that real magic. Let me explain.

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Walt Disney was a person of this world. Very much of this world, but also of the world of dreams. Big dreams. Huge dreams. And the drive to activate those dreams. And that’s magical. So let me introduce you to the Magic that I discovered on my first ever Disney cruise, beginning on embarkation day and the first day “at sea” (how I love those marine terms!).

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First is an eight year old girl in line for check in. How many cruises have you been on? Eight? And you are eight years old? She giggles and moves on.

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Then there’s Ed. I hear Ed describe himself to another passenger not in terms of what he does for a living, but what gives him pleasure. He loves to help people. As he chats with us at dinner the second evening, he is engaged in the conversation, for sure. But you see his eyes dart here and there. He halts the conversation politely…he’s spotted someone dining alone and that won’t do.

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Ed excuses himself, speaks with the solo diner and shortly she is seated atour table and her story unfolds. Dena’s husband and three daughters missed their plane and won’t be allowed to board until Halifax, she explains. So for five days she sails alone. She is tense. Sad. Trying to make the best of it. So we invite her to become part of our story. And she does. Next night at dinner she joins the table with a huge smile and we all bask in her glow. Thank you Ed, for bringing this new, lovely person into the fold. You do that so well.

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That’s the Magic. The real Magic.

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Then there is Savio, Luis, Lana, David, Linda, Jennifer, Al. Hailing from Brazil,Peru, St Lucia, Ohio and Georgia. And Jerrod, Ellen, Don and Gabrielle (notGabby!). We collect names and nationalities.

disney magic 3 savio
Luis. What do you do when off the ship? I have a restaurant with my father. When I am home, I am building a bigger restaurant with a bar. Talk drifts tophotography and Photoshop. And when we part, he gives us the name of hishometown and restaurant. Says confidently we will have a drink together there some day and I will show you my hometown.

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And that is the Magic. The real Magic. It’s the people. Luis, Lana, Jerrod,Savio, Bianca, Yanupa, Hernando, Francisco. They all know what makes thereal Magic. And and they live it for you. They ARE the Magic.

Nancy Kirkpatrick

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