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If you read my post on Wednesday you know I’m at Christ Episcopal Church attending the first “Beatles Mass”!  I’m in my glory surrounded by the music and magic of this day.  We are so blessed to have a church that promotes music of all kinds for the inspiration of all attending.  In keeping with the event I am sharing one of my favorite Beatles songs…”Let It Be”.  I love the message of this song since it hearkens to what I try to do in my own life…let go and let God.  I spent years pushing and trying to make things happen, NO MORE!  And the answers DO come so easily when one let’s things be.

Have a wonderful Sunday with your loved ones…even if you’re alone.  I’m finding that self love is so very important!  Peace…


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  1. Harold Michael Harvey Says:

    Thanks. Let it be!

  2. peggy everett Says:

    Love all your posts!!

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