Simple Sundays

I love Sunday mornings.  Quiet….hot French press coffee with chicory and soothing music.  The music I am sharing this morning is a personal favorite.  Thomas Tallis’ “Fantasia on a Theme.

Over the past few months I have searched for entertainment that would stimulate my mind and distract me from a bitter reality.  I have always subscribed to The New York Times  Sunday newspaper for home delivery but it isn’t available in our area and I don’t want to get dressed and drive to the Whole Foods in Mandeville to get a copy.  I am an avid crossword puzzle fan.  Mr.T always kidded me because I work puzzles in ink….just as my grandmother taught me to do.  I so missed my weekly puzzles that I went on-line and ordered a book of New York Times Sunday Crossword puzzles.  Little did I know it would be almost three inches thick!!!  I hear the laughter in my ear as I type these words and it makes me smile to think my lovely husband is getting a kick out of my crossword ritual…still!

Enjoy your Sunday!  Hold those you love closely…tell them you love them.  It matters!  Peace!

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  1. Harold Michael Harvey Says:

    Peace, my sister. I have been missing my Sunday morning musical selection from you. Welcome back.

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