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We live in an area rich with history.  From the first colonists who settled here in 1732, to the Civil War era, this history relied on written word and the hands of an artist to preserve and portray events that shaped our world today.  The Mildred Huie Museum will be sharing a fascinating event on Saturday, March 8th at which historic portraits and objects that tell the story of the Civil War period will be available for you to see, touch and learn about.

Pen and ink drawing of Confederate soldier

Curator, Dayna Caldwell, has devoted months of planning to present this show at which visitors can actually hold artifiacts from the Callicut Collection.  Dayna will discuss the exhibition’s portraiture during a Curator Talk at 2:00 p.m. at the Museum.

Dageurreotype of Union soldier with painted Union flag and Western Plains environ drawings

Following this attendee’s will have the opportunity to hear Dr. Callicutt discuss his collection of Civil War objects.  This twenty year old collection is full of pieces of history that, when touched, enable one to sense a connection with the soldiers who once held them in their own hands.

Crude Drawing of Confederate soldier

Most of the artwork and photographs were produced following the end of the war from the 1860’s – 70’s.  Much of this work served to provide civilians with news from the battlefront while others used them to make profit.

Painting of Union Officer

Painting of Union Officer

This event promises to be a powerful experience for anyone who collects Civil War memorabilia or has special interest in this important part of American history.  In the words of Dr. Callicutt, “Art has the ability to tell us powerful stories of the time and place in which it was created.  Those stories and experiences teach us of the past, thereby, informing our future.  Thus, art is a profound learning tool that also has the capability to move us, sometimes more than printed words alone can.”.

mildred huie museum photo lg

Admission for this event is $7.00 per person and includes access all other exhibits at the museum.  The Mildred Huie Museum provides a connection with Coastal Georgia history in a way that enables visitors to experience a bygone era that now lives on.

The Mildred Huie Museum – 1819 Frederica Road – St. Simons Island, GA 31522

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