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I’m constantly learning about new things now that I’m venturing out to share my blog with all kinds of people.  Mr. T. and I were having one of our lunchtime picnics down by the pier on St. Simon’s one day several months ago when I looked out to the water and saw two people standing on what looked to be surf boards.  They were paddling along at quite a speed.  I remember wondering, first of all, WHY they were doing this and then I thought it looked like it would be really fun to do.  What I didn’t know is that they were engaging in what has become the fastest growing new sport in America.


I spoke with Mark Landis, manager at pro-golfer, Davis Love III’s popular shop, “Paddle and Putt” where all of the equipment you could possibly need to launch your adventure into “SUP” (Stand Up Paddle Boarding) is available.  Mark shared the background and origins of this amazing sport with me as we talked last week.  It all began on Waikiki Beach in the 1950’s when “beachboys” living in the area began taking thrill seeking American post-war tourists out to try their hand at a sport that did not have quite the same risks as surfing did.  The rest is history.  To read more about SUP go here.

Men and women alike are getting on board, literally, to engage in this high calorie burning sport.  There are competitions, races, groups… name it all around the world in oceanfront communities.  And why not when you realize that you can burn between 1100 – 1200 calories in one hour while enjoying the ocean, a beautiful sunny day and interaction with all sorts of sea life!  The sport is low impact, it uses the core of the body for strength and is an excellent cardio workout.

woman suping

Paddle boards are extremely stable and designed to be stood on with a large pad of textured rubber that provides traction.  There are various types of SUP boards as well.  At Paddle & Putt you’ll find Cruising, Touring and Surfing boards with lightweight carbon paddles that are easy to manage.  You can rent equipment, buy new or used equipment, arrange for a lesson and hook up with other SUPer’s as well.  Mark recommends that anyone interested in the sport not only visit the shop, located in Redfern Village, but “Like” Paddle & Putt on Facebook to be notified when groups are meeting to go for an excursion into surrounding areas.  Paddle & Putt also hosts an annual race that I will share information with you about when October comes around.

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You can SUP on the marshes, while enjoying the wildlife, on local rivers or in the ocean.  You may be joined by a dolphin or two as they tend to be a bit nosy and want to check out the interesting figure paddling through the water in their territory!  You might even notice a Right Whale if you are out far enough as they are in the area breeding this time of year.

There are also land boards that appear to be much like a skateboard with a land paddle to speed yourself along.  Sounds like a great upper body workout to me!  I have not been brave enough to try to SUP yet, but I’m thinking about it.  Mark assures me it is easier than kayaking.  We’ll see about that when I muster up enough courage to don my wetsuit and join in the fun!

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This is a great way to increase your balance, trim your body, strengthen your cardiovascular system and enjoy being out on the water surrounded by nature!  Mark showed me a true workout when he jumped on a board with no wheels that he balanced on top of a cylinder and rolled back and forth.  Not sure I have that kind of balance, but maybe all of the yoga classes have paid off over the years!  By the way,  I have actually seen photos of a woman doing yoga on a paddle board.  Mark tells me a local instructor actually gives lessons…..sounds like another blog post to me!

It’s win/win as far as I can see!  Let me know if you SUP.  Share your adventures, stories and advice in a comment!

Davis Love III”s Paddle & Putt – 300 Redfern Village – St. Simons Island, GA 31522 – 912-268-4247

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  1. Betsy Knight Says:

    Swen and I went as a Father’s Day “date” last year and we had a blast!

  2. Melissa Says:

    I’m thinking of mustering up the courage to give it a try! It looks like great fun.

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