On Island Time…

Barbara Kraus

Barbara Kraus

Now that the lazy days of summer time are here I’m officially on island time!

vegetable garden

This is the time of year when life slows down a bit.  My flower gardens are thriving.  Our vegetable garden is beginning to bear fruit.

Tiffany Carroll Mosley

Tiffany Carroll Mosley

Late afternoons spent on the beach provide a peaceful time to relax and enjoy friends.

horses on east beach

You never know what you may see there….is that horses I see in the horizon?  Why yes, the tide was out and they were riding on the sand bar just off the coast!

Heart Full of Wisps

Heart Full of Wisps

Life is simpler in the summer.  Although I suffer through the heat and humidity there is a feeling this time of year that cannot be found during the hustle and bustle of the school year.

summer outdoor dining

It gives me time to breathe, to be grateful for this beautiful island I am so lucky to call my home and a time to regroup before another busy fall begins.

outdoor treehouse

Life on an island can only be explained in one way……perfection.

ssi lighthouse in moonlight

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