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I am so excited to share the news I recently received from my friend and well known artist, Jennifer Broadus!  Art lovers all over the area are in for a real treat when ArtTrends opens its doors on May 1st!  ArtTrends is a group of nine uber talented local artists working cooperatively to bring their work into the public eye for all to see and enjoy.  Located at 3305 Frederica Road on St. Simons, you’ll find so many different styles and themes…..definitely something for everyone!


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Ella Cart

Colorful Impressionism…..

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Jennifer Broadus

A more traditional work that captures our local landscape…..

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Dottie Clarke

Turtles on the move…..

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Linda Wunder

Or perhaps something with a bit of Asian inspiration and beauty!

You’ll find so many fabulous pieces to add to your collection.  Art is the spice of life, it enlivens our home and work environments like nothing else!  I cannot wait to see the entire offering from so many talented artists!  Put May 1st on your calendar and plan to visit ArtTrends!  I think you’ll be delighted!

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  1. Jackie Turbidy Says:


    I can’t wait to see your new space and art!!!

    Good luck, Jackie

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