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I don’t think I’ve actually ever touted a product in a blog post before.  As you, my readers know, I have had a very stressful year.  I ended up with digestive issues due to stress…no surprise.  I knew I had to do something.  I also wanted to take off a few extra pounds…especially after hearing from a medical professional that women “of a certain age” just can’t lose weight.  That was the challenge for me.  I heard from my friend, Lisa, through a Facebook post with before and after pictures of what was happening to her body and how she was experiencing healing in ways she could not believe.  I had to know more.

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Since the products came with a money back guarantee after 60 days, if I was not pleased with the results, I decided to give it a try.  I can tell you now that this product line is amazing!  I have been drinking my “pink” drink every morning and taking the supplements at night to heal my digestive system and the results are obvious.  I am into skinny jeans, as of today, that I could barely get into before starting this product line.  I have more energy and my outlook on life in general has improved.  Everyone told me to take care of myself first as I provided care for my father and my husband over the last couple of years.  Of course that was difficult for me to do, but I did understand.  Getting myself started on Plexus has turned a page for me as far as my life and health are concerned.  That is why I felt compelled to share this information.

Lisa gave me permission to use her before and after photos…and she’s still losing!  I haven’t taken photos of myself yet, but I will.  I am very excited to share Plexus with you.  It’s all about self care and good health.  So much information has recently come out about the importance of a healthy “gut”!  Please email me if you would like more information:

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