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This door opens into a place I find to be magical!  I am a firm believer in self care, especially after having been a caregiver for three years.  Taking time out for oneself is critically important!  If you’re not in good shape, you can’t offer the care others need.  Part of my self care routine has always been regular deep tissue massage therapy.  Since moving to Covington, LA a little over three years ago I had not found anyone to work with.  I say “with” because I believe effective massage and energy work has to involve both the therapist and the client.  Being open to receive the healing the therapist offers is a huge part of relaxing and allowing the tension and stress to melt away.

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I met Martie Dufour several months ago through a mutual friend.  She left Denver, Colorado, returned to her roots here in Louisiana, opened her massage therapy practice and contacted me to introduce herself.  I needed a massage and she offered the exact services I was looking for.  Deep tissue work…Relaxation and Stress Relief…Reiki, a natural healing method through which the therapist moves healing energy through the clients body.  In my opinion Martie is a healer…I say that with confidence since I have experienced her work.  She offers therapeutic massage as well as specialized work such as cranial sacral, accupressure, reflexology and prenatal care.


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One of Martie’s specialities is working with children who have autism, downs syndrome and other emotional issues.  Her healing touch balances their emotions, helping them to cope with life more effectively.  It is a proven fact that massage provides physical, mental and emotional benefits.  Blood pressure lowers, metabolism balances, stress and anxiety are lessened and, over time, an over all feeling of well being is experienced by the client.  I have been having massage therapy for over 30 years and Martie offers one of the best hour long treatments I have received.  She is very flexible working with individual clients and their special needs.  I love the fact that her last name “Dufour” plays such a clever part in the name of her business!  Come to think of it…It’s time for me to schedule an appointment!

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522 New Hampshire Street, Suite 7….Covington, LA 70433…985-789-5458



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  1. Tony Cimino Says:

    She IS excellent. I’ve seen her twice already and she does have a magic touch. I’m always Dufour a message. Treat yourself. You’ll be glad you did and all the better for it!

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