Let It Be!

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A new day is dawning.  A time to focus on shining your light for all to see.  If each of us let today be filled with love and understanding we can change this world….making it a better place.  Join me?  Wipe the canvas of your mind clean, take a deep breath and let’s do this!

Simple Sundays

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Hello dear readers!  I have taken a very long and unexpected hiatus from blogging, but I’m back!  Dealing with health issues and having my laptop that holds ALL of my writing, photos, music…basically my life as a blogger….crash and require a new hard drive has been a challenge. Yesterday was the fourth anniversary for The Permanentt Tourist. Cause for celebration!  I’ll be sharing so many things with you over the next few weeks.  Today I just want to wish each of you a wonderful relaxing Sunday.  Sit back and enjoy the music I’m sharing!

I selected this piece, “Transformation” because it spoke to me and, I felt it reflected  so much of what I have been experiencing in my life.  I considered using the Beatles “Long and Winding Road” since life has been all too chaotic lately!  But I chose this piece since  a complete transformation has been necessary for me to keep going!  I think you’ll enjoy it!

It’s About Time!


There comes a time, after major changes in ones life, when you just have to start living again.  – major move and health issues top the stress charts but you have to decide to get on with things no matter what!

The photo I’m featuring is by my dear friend, Nancy Kirkpatrick.  She is one of the rocks that have stood beside me through this major transition.  I treasure my friends from the island and always will.

Our move to Louisiana has not been an easy one.  I have hesitated to write about it and share it with my readers because it is not the bright, positive scenario I like my life to be.

That said, we are turning corners and a bright light shines before us.  The unforeseen has visited me in a big way with a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis.  I am having a full right hip replacement the day after Thanksgivimg and have informed my surgeon that I expect to be bionic!

We”re preparing to move into the lovely Acadian style home we have bought and planning on so much goodness!  I’m back and I would love to hear from you all!  I’ll be sharing our transition into the new home and so much more!

Happy Monday….send me a message…drop me a line!  It’s good to be writing again!

Simple Sundays

It’s hot, hot summer time and the perfect day for watching one of my favorite “feel good” movies!  P.S. I Love You is  lovely romantic comedy that I know you’ll enjoy.  Here’s a bit of music and scenery to entice you!



Easy Living

Hot, muggy weather means lighter fare for dinner.  I love nothing better than putting a beautiful platter of some of our favorite things together for a light supper.  Add a baguette, chilled white wine or, in the case, Peroni beer and you’ve got a fabulous meal, fit for entertaining!  Use your imagine and add your favorites!


New Beginnings

Three Dolphins

My mother raised me to believe that if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.  I take that to heart when I write this blog and do not share news or stories that do not lift the spirit.  I alluded to good news that will be coming this week for me and my family in my Sunday post. It has been a long road and we are very grateful for the good things that are coming our way.

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I can’t share the news yet, but when I can you will be in store for a delightful journal of life unfolding in a new place.

Simple Sundays

Sultry….it’s the only name that comes to mind on this hot summer day.  Hot and humid is in full force and everything has slowed down in this place we now call home.  No rush….no worries and lots of good news coming our way that I will share with you along with the fact that dreams can come true! I am about to have so much to share with you….positive and joyful!  This has been a journey.  I’ve chosen the music today because it suits my mood and it is perfect for where we are  right now!  Relax, breathe deeply and enjoy!

Simply Sunday

I have always loved a good movie.  The Mission, made in 1986, and starring Jeremy Irons and Robert DeNiro is a special favorite.  The story of a Jesuit priest travelling to South America  to build a mission in which to worship is so beautiful yet tragic.  I love the theme song from The Mission and have linked it here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MN7ZhxaUNBg.  At the end of the movie a simple verse from the Bible, John 1:5 shows across the screen “”The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”  Wishing you a peaceful, simple Sunday….let your light shine.

the mission 2


I rarely, if ever, rant about anything in this blog.  In fact I have made a point of not delving into politics or religion on-line.  My beliefs and affiliations are my business, they are private and I respect the privacy of others.  I’m seeing things on social media that are very disturbing, however.

I am a proud American.  I have deep beliefs in a higher power.  I am respectful of our flag and our country.  What I am seeing in the posts lately are so concerning to me.  If you have read the teachings of Jesus you know he talks about loving one another.  He speaks in terms of our all being as one.  He tells us to approach life with the joy and innocence of children.  To come to him as children would.

The separation that I see beginning in our wonderful country is so concerning to me.  If we are all one, as Jesus says, then how do we draw lines and create boundaries?  Who do we leave out of this formula?  Someone who is gay or of a religion other than the Christian faith?  How do we ever achieve “oneness” if we set up so many rules, regulations and expectations that it becomes impossible.

Tolerance is the word that comes to mind.  And LOVE, the one word that encompasses everything we are to be.  Love one another……I don’t believe this separation of people based on race, religion or sexuality is what was meant by this all important part of scripture.

Rant done!  It’s Tuesday!  Have a wonderful day……and I now step off of my platform.

Public Speaking 101

My debut in the public speaking arena in the New Orleans area is today.  I’ll be making a presentation on the Culinary History of Louisiana to a group of avid history buffs.  I have really enjoyed all of the research and have learned so much about how Louisiana came to have such a rich and varied offering of delicious foods!

I never realized what an impact so many different groups of settlers had on the food we enjoy today.  Originally the French, then Spaniards, Germans, Acadians, African Americans, Italians and those who settled here from the Caribbean.  Each of these groups of people brought their country’s cuisine with them and integrated it into what has become one of these most extensive offerings of culinary delights of any state in this country.

African slaves brought their native dish GOMBO.  Originally Gombo was an okra stew.  Meat and seafood were added as years passed until the dish became what we know as Gumbo.

The Italian immigrants introduced their “red gravy” to the New Orleans area creating quite an impact on the already established Creole cuisine.

The whole state of Louisiana has various specialties introduced by settlers.  Germans brought dairy farming and sausage making while Acadians shared their delicious one pot meals.  Jambalaya is actually what the Spanish would call Paella.  Of course each of these dishes has evolved and the flavors updated as various cooks have had their way with recipes passed down through families.

A visit to Louisiana is a must!  Not only is the state beautiful but the food is unforgettable!  We really do let the good times roll here.  So do come visit and don’t forget your dancing shoes!