The Causeway



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This is the causeway.  It is the longest causeway in the world!  It crosses Lake Pontchartrain, The distance and expanse bothered me at first.  Then I realized it is a straight shot, you can almost put your vehicle on automatic pilot and use the time to relax, listen to good music and enjoy the views.  When first entering the causeway you cannot even see New Orleans.  It is like entering an endless highway suspended over the lake.  Even that aspect of the causeway has become a friend to me.  You have to get from one side to the other.  Yes, there are places one can turn around if need be, but to remain on course is better.


We’ve learned the hard way to check conditions before heading out for early morning appointments.  If there is fog or an accident you don’t want to take this route.  Sitting for hours while suspended over the lake is not my favorite thing.  Especially in bumper to bumper traffic!  But I’m learning that “it is what it is”.  Life has taken on a different complexion for me now.  I have a different “take” on life, if you will.  I take each moment as it comes, realizing that every day is a present.  And, speaking of fog, my brain is feeling much clearer…it just takes time.

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This overview will give you a sense of how things are laid out here.  The white line down the middle of the lake is the causeway.  The area in which we live is referred to as the North shore, for obvious reasons.  I like having the option of city life or country life.  The city of New Orleans is not so big that one feels overwhelmed by crowds, but a city feeling is there that I feel surpasses some of the larger cities I have visited or lived in.  I feel we have the best of both worlds here!  It’s a beautiful lifestyle.  People who love to celebrate, who parade at the drop of a hat, and care for each other in ways so rare in today’s world.  Color me happy!  I’m glad we’re here!  This feels like my forever home.

Dufour A Massage

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This door opens into a place I find to be magical!  I am a firm believer in self care, especially after having been a caregiver for three years.  Taking time out for oneself is critically important!  If you’re not in good shape, you can’t offer the care others need.  Part of my self care routine has always been regular deep tissue massage therapy.  Since moving to Covington, LA a little over three years ago I had not found anyone to work with.  I say “with” because I believe effective massage and energy work has to involve both the therapist and the client.  Being open to receive the healing the therapist offers is a huge part of relaxing and allowing the tension and stress to melt away.

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I met Martie Dufour several months ago through a mutual friend.  She left Denver, Colorado, returned to her roots here in Louisiana, opened her massage therapy practice and contacted me to introduce herself.  I needed a massage and she offered the exact services I was looking for.  Deep tissue work…Relaxation and Stress Relief…Reiki, a natural healing method through which the therapist moves healing energy through the clients body.  In my opinion Martie is a healer…I say that with confidence since I have experienced her work.  She offers therapeutic massage as well as specialized work such as cranial sacral, accupressure, reflexology and prenatal care.


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One of Martie’s specialities is working with children who have autism, downs syndrome and other emotional issues.  Her healing touch balances their emotions, helping them to cope with life more effectively.  It is a proven fact that massage provides physical, mental and emotional benefits.  Blood pressure lowers, metabolism balances, stress and anxiety are lessened and, over time, an over all feeling of well being is experienced by the client.  I have been having massage therapy for over 30 years and Martie offers one of the best hour long treatments I have received.  She is very flexible working with individual clients and their special needs.  I love the fact that her last name “Dufour” plays such a clever part in the name of her business!  Come to think of it…It’s time for me to schedule an appointment!

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522 New Hampshire Street, Suite 7….Covington, LA 70433…985-789-5458



Simple Sundays


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If you read my post on Wednesday you know I’m at Christ Episcopal Church attending the first “Beatles Mass”!  I’m in my glory surrounded by the music and magic of this day.  We are so blessed to have a church that promotes music of all kinds for the inspiration of all attending.  In keeping with the event I am sharing one of my favorite Beatles songs…”Let It Be”.  I love the message of this song since it hearkens to what I try to do in my own life…let go and let God.  I spent years pushing and trying to make things happen, NO MORE!  And the answers DO come so easily when one let’s things be.

Have a wonderful Sunday with your loved ones…even if you’re alone.  I’m finding that self love is so very important!  Peace…



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Being a bonafide child of the 60’s gave me a huge appreciation for music that I still love.  At any given time you might find me listening The Doors “Hello I Love You” or Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” full blast in my office here at home or in my car.  But it must be said that my never ending favorite group has to be The Beatles.  Yes, I saw them as they  first appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show that Sunday evening so long ago.  I’m not sure I understood it all but I knew I loved the beat, even though I was a bit too young to join the screaming throngs of hysterical young woman practically tearing their hair out over the Fab Four.  I think my favorite phase of this brilliant group’s career was when they began to explore what life is all about.  They traveled to India, and sat at the feet of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the famous guru, who taught them the basis of his teaching, and, by the way, the basis of what Christ followers know as well…Love Is All There is.  This message is at the foundation of everything authentic and real.   Nobody put the power of love into music in the way The Beatles did.

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Many of you watched the historic wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle a few months back.  The Rev. Michael Curry, presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church here in the USA, gave a powerful sermon based on love and how it can change the world.  The whole world watched as Rev. Curry delivered words of hope and stated, “if it’s not about love, it’s not about God.”  It’s a timely message for the complicated world we find ourselves in today.

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I am blessed to have a church community here, Christ Episcopal Church, in Covington, Louisiana.  I made the decision to write this post today in light of the fact that our amazing Rector, Fr. William Miller, is offering something so unique for all to attend this coming Sunday, September 23 at both the 9 and 11:30 am services.  I will be in music heaven as we enjoy a Beatles Mass featuring all of my favorites from”All You Need Is Love”, to “Hey Jude”, “Let It Be” and many more.  Local musicians will play and share the tunes and lyrics that so many of us grew up with. I am sure Fr. Bill will offer words of inspiration and wisdom as the sanctuary fills with joy and happiness!  This is a church community that walks its talk so, if you are nearby, or even far away, and you can make it to one of the services you will be very glad you did!  Just imagine all the love filling each heart this coming Sunday morning and spreading out into the world!  This promises to be a phenomenal day for all!


And now that I’ve got your attention on the Beatles…here’s a video to brighten your day!


Christ Episcopal Church…120 S. New Hampshire Street…Covington, LA  70433

Simple Sundays




Leo Delibes composted “The Flower Duet” from his work Lakme.  It is one of my favorites!  Raised in the world of opera by my mom, a beautiful soprano and performer, I have definite likes and dislikes when it comes to opera.  The flowing beauty of this piece always takes me to a place of inner peace.  I hope you’ll enjoy it as well as you begin a peaceful Sunday!  There is so much beauty to enjoy as the seasons change.  I’m searching for my favorite comfort food recipes and getting ready for a power packed week of scheduling and taping shows for The Permanent Tourist podcasts.  Life is good here in beautiful Louisiana!

Tastes of Louisiana

My life in Louisiana is finally taking off.  All of the equipment for the podcast & YouTube channel is arriving.  It’s like Christmas morning unpacking cameras, mixers, microphones and more!  This is a dream come true for me as the team puts together shows featuring the amazing food and culture of this beautiful state!  Stay tuned for announcements and exciting news.  In the meantime read a bit about the history of food in the state.  I have to practice the small amounts of delicious things rule in order to stay in shape!  One visit here and you’ll know why.

I never realized what an impact so many different groups of settlers had on the food we enjoy today.  Originally the French, then Spaniards, Germans, Acadians, African Americans, Italians and those who settled here from the Caribbean.  Each of these groups of people brought their country’s cuisine with them and integrated it into what has become one of the most extensive offerings of culinary delights of any state in this country.  The late chef, Anthony Bourdain, once stated that New Orleans has the best cuisine of any place he ever visiting in the entire world.  I agree whole heartedly!

African slaves brought their native dish GOMBO.  Originally Gombo was an okra stew.  Meat and seafood were added as years passed until the dish became what we know as Gumbo.  Okra is a staple in Louisiana cuisine. It’s many health benefits are coming to the fore making me want it even more.  Fried, stewed with creole tomato and sweet onion….there are so many delicious ways to prepare okra!

 Italian immigrants introduced their “red gravy” to the New Orleans area creating quite an impact on the already established Creole cuisine.  In fact, the difference between Creole and Cajun cooking is tomato.  You won’t find tomato in authentic Cajun cooking yet Creole dishes use it in many sauces and other dishes.  One of my favorite times of year here is when Creole tomatoes are in season.  Big, juicy fruit that smells and tastes so exquisite.  There’s nothing quite like a good Creole tomato.

The whole state of Louisiana has various specialties introduced by settlers.  Germans brought dairy farming and sausage making while Acadians shared their delicious one pot meals.  Jambalaya is actually what the Spanish would call Paella.  Of course each of these dishes has evolved and the flavors updated as various cooks have had their way with recipes passed down through families.

A visit to Louisiana is a must!  Not only is the state beautiful but the food is unforgettable!  We really do let the good times roll here.  So do come visit and don’t forget your dancing shoes!


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Last week I alluded to the fact that there would be news in regard to The Permanent Tourist.  I think it fitting to share a very special announcement today, my daughter’s birthday.  I don’t know where 22 years have gone but we’re celebrating her all week!

Eddie Budd and Me

I am so very proud to announce the beginning of The Permanent Tourist Podcast and YouTube channel.  It’s time to grow and I’m in just the right place to do that.  The most amazing team players have shown up, cast their vote of YES where this project is concerned and we’re about to launch in a big way.  Producer/Director/Co-Host, Eddie Budd brings his expertise as a film producer and director to the table as well as a life long love for radio broadcasting.  Eddie’s company, Neauregard Entertainment keeps him busy behind the camera for such shows as NCIS New Orleans and Preacher.  In his own words he describes himself as “Director and assistant director of film and television.  Former chef and award winning craft mixologist, lover of wines and women!  Traveler and writer”…how good is that?

Tony Cimino and Me

Anthony, “Tony” Cimino joins our team as Co-Executive Producer which includes all facets of The Permanent Tourist You Tube Channel, Podcast, Blog and Webpage.  Tony has produced over 100 live stage performances as Executive Director of Murfreesboro Tennessee’s Center for the Arts.  A graduate Of Loyola University, Tony has worked both behind and in front of the camera.  He hosted a restaurant review show, produced by award winning producer/director David Silvian which aired on Public Radio, WYES, in New Orleans.  A talented actor, singer and dancer, Tony brings so much talent to this project! I can’t wait to work with him.

Sky and Me

Sky Lee is the next team member.  As Production Coordinator she’ll work closely with Eddie Budd, learning the business from the ground up.  And there’s me…Executive Producer and Host.   The Permanent Tourist is my baby.  I am so thrilled to see what is happening with it now.  I began this journey on St. Simons Island, GA in February of 2013.  I’ll be finding interesting guests and locations to share with readers and listeners.

As my readers know I am passionate about all things culinary and any of the arts.  I live in the perfect place to capitalize on that as well as the rich culture here in New Orleans and on the North Shore.  Our show will tape at various restaurants throughout the area.  We will enjoy a meal with wine as we talk with restaurant owners, chefs and a special guest on each show.  Artists, musicians, authors, local celebrities and so much more.  The world is our oyster and we’re moving forward!  So get ready!  I’ll announce the first show as soon as we’re ready to fly.  We have four on the schedule already as the excitement and momentum builds.

Simple Sundays


Simple Sundays

It’s a lazy, hazy Louisiana summer day.  The cicadas are chirping and everything has shifted into slow gear with the holiday weekend beginning.  Sharing this lovely piece with you today!  I’m still on track with my health/wellness coach and 8 pounds lighter just paying attention to timing…magic!

Let peace reign today and live In Joy!

Simple Sundays

Loving this music as a week of rain, wind and storms descended upon us.  I feel it is a cleansing, a healing of our lives.  Hospice admitted Mr. T to in home care.  It is not a time of sadness but rather a time to treasure each day and say thank you for the love….then moments we share.  “Seize the day” keeps coming to mind!  Life is such a gift…love the ones you’re with!