Simple Sundays


Simple Sundays

It’s a lazy, hazy Louisiana summer day.  The cicadas are chirping and everything has shifted into slow gear with the holiday weekend beginning.  Sharing this lovely piece with you today!  I’m still on track with my health/wellness coach and 8 pounds lighter just paying attention to timing…magic!

Let peace reign today and live In Joy!

Simple Sundays

Loving this music as a week of rain, wind and storms descended upon us.  I feel it is a cleansing, a healing of our lives.  Hospice admitted Mr. T to in home care.  It is not a time of sadness but rather a time to treasure each day and say thank you for the love….then moments we share.  “Seize the day” keeps coming to mind!  Life is such a gift…love the ones you’re with!


It’s Friday, the end of a very busy week….

I shared some of what is going on in my life with you earlier this week.  I have stayed the course working with Carol O’Dell to improve my health and I feel better than I have in such a long time!  I’ve dropped a few pounds and feel more in control of what I am eating.  

One of the things I am doing as part of this regime is positive self talk.  It’s so easy to slack off and venture into negative what if’s and maybe.  Catching those thoughts and gently asking if they serve my highest good has made it easy to answer “no” and shift my thoughts into a more positive space.

And now that I have opened the door a bit to share my current life with you I can say that I have learned a lot about hospice this week.

I always thought calling in hospice meant THE END.  But it doesn’t. Mr. T now has hospice care and I cannot sing their praises loudly enough.  These folks dedicate their lives to improving the health and well being of their patients as well as the family.  Everything focuses on positive living.  That said, Heart of Hospice is wonderful and we feel very blessed.

The prayers and well wishes of so many have reached into our hearts and shifted the way we look at and experience life.  Each day is a gift…a chance to improve and be of service whatever that may be.

It’s Friday!  Make your weekend a positive experience!  The happiness starts from within.  If something or someone makes you feel less than how you want remove it or them and carry on!  Enjoy!

New Beginnings


Life is a never ending path of twists and turns.  Just when you think you’ve figured it all out things change….life happens in ways you never imagined they could.  I am right in the middle of all of this as health issues consume my family and leave me as caregiver for my beloved husband as well as my parents.  I’m featuring photos from my own camera as well as my dear friend, Nancy Kirkpatrick, and other photographers whose work I love…life is in bloom…enjoy!

spring fever photography 2

I am going through grief therapy, trying to find anything to help me hang on and fight the fight. I have been very private about this.  This is why I have not been writing my blog for months now.  No words could express what I am truly dealing with.


Rebecca Louise Law

Today, I began a new journey.  I have connected with a wellness consultant, Carol O’Dell.  Carol is a friend, fellow author and has healed her own body having been caregiver to her mother who suffered from Alzheimer’s.  I’m looking forward to taking my health into my own hands.  We talked today about how I can tune into my body to find out what it wants me to do.


Gentleness is the order of the day.  My appetite has disappeared and I know, in order to be healthy, I have to address it before my health fails.  In the past six months I have had hip replacement surgery, a broken hip that was discovered during surgery, a condition that cut off all blood flow to said hip and a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, but I refuse to identify with disease.  I am not a disease, I am a work in progress.


So join me, if you will, as I journal and blog about my work with Carol.  I expect it will be a very interesting time of self discovery and conscious eating.  I’m excited!  It’s one of the few things I have any control over.  Life is wonderful at all stages.  One has to embrace the “bad” with the good.  It’s all a challenge!  I look forward to sharing it all with you, my readers who have patiently waited for me to bring you into my new life.  A life I am determined to live….to grow….to love!  Because love, my friends, is all there is.

Simple Sundays