Simple Sundays

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart- My favorite Maker of music. Period. He was an absolute Genius and will forever be the best.


Is there anything better than a bit of Mozart on a mellow Sunday morning?  I think not!  This lilting composition will have your spirits soaring in no time!  I’m traveling this weekend and this music fits my mood.  It’s so wonderful to see old friends and familiar places not seen in years.

Wishing you a beautiful day!  Get outside if the weather is good and enjoy the fresh air!  Peace.


Simple Sundays

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Time for another one of my favorite musical pieces.  Today I’m sharing Dvorak’s “Going Home”.  I have many fond memories of growing up in Texas, fishing with my dad and dangling my feet in the cool water of a river.  Enjoy this day and the music of life!  Peace.

Simple Sundays

Get a cup of coffee or tea, sit back and relax while you enjoy one of my favorite works by the composer, Faure.  “En Priere” is such a beautiful piece for flute and piano.  It has a feeling of nostalgia, sweet and romantic.

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday doing whatever brings you joy!  Lots of good news and announcements coming up in the week ahead. I’m beginning to “Get” why I moved to this amazing place. Peace!


Simple Sundays

I love Sunday mornings.  Quiet….hot French press coffee with chicory and soothing music.  The music I am sharing this morning is a personal favorite.  Thomas Tallis’ “Fantasia on a Theme.

Over the past few months I have searched for entertainment that would stimulate my mind and distract me from a bitter reality.  I have always subscribed to The New York Times  Sunday newspaper for home delivery but it isn’t available in our area and I don’t want to get dressed and drive to the Whole Foods in Mandeville to get a copy.  I am an avid crossword puzzle fan.  Mr.T always kidded me because I work puzzles in ink….just as my grandmother taught me to do.  I so missed my weekly puzzles that I went on-line and ordered a book of New York Times Sunday Crossword puzzles.  Little did I know it would be almost three inches thick!!!  I hear the laughter in my ear as I type these words and it makes me smile to think my lovely husband is getting a kick out of my crossword ritual…still!

Enjoy your Sunday!  Hold those you love closely…tell them you love them.  It matters!  Peace!

Simple Sundays

I find myself searching for answers more and more these days but they allude me.  Learning to live in the now is a very valuable yet tough lesson for me.  I’m taking a crash course in accepting rather than expecting.  Life is easier and much happier this way.  I hope you have a lovely day of rest.  Get outside and embrace the day, say thank you out loud as you reach for the sky!  Let love reign and be at peace!

Simple Sundays

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What a week it has been!  Being the primary caregiver to three adults, all of us living under the same roof, can be challenging at best. I’m so grateful to be here, doing what I do I cannot complain.  Writing posts again has been therapy for me, as always.  My trusty laptop has gone so many places with me as I have written over the past four years.  It is a gift to me that I have faithful readers who support and follow me!

Thanks to all of you who commented on my “Test” post after getting my website cleaned up and running again.  I sometimes wonder if those in foreign lands who “hack” our sites don’t have anything better to do!  Really!  Carnival season is beginning to rev up here in Louisiana!  We attended our first party last night and have lots to look forward to with trips to parades in New Orleans coming up.  But for now, it’s Sunday…..sit back, relax and fill your heart and our world with peace.  Lord knows we need it!  I have banned watching the news…any of it…fake, real or anything else.  It’s not good for my health!  Cheers to a wonderful day!

Simple Sundays

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Hello dear readers!  I have taken a very long and unexpected hiatus from blogging, but I’m back!  Dealing with health issues and having my laptop that holds ALL of my writing, photos, music…basically my life as a blogger….crash and require a new hard drive has been a challenge. Yesterday was the fourth anniversary for The Permanentt Tourist. Cause for celebration!  I’ll be sharing so many things with you over the next few weeks.  Today I just want to wish each of you a wonderful relaxing Sunday.  Sit back and enjoy the music I’m sharing!

I selected this piece, “Transformation” because it spoke to me and, I felt it reflected  so much of what I have been experiencing in my life.  I considered using the Beatles “Long and Winding Road” since life has been all too chaotic lately!  But I chose this piece since  a complete transformation has been necessary for me to keep going!  I think you’ll enjoy it!

Simple Sundays


I have not disappeared off the face of the Earth!  I could spend this entire post discussing health issues and everything else we have been facing since moving to Louisiana but what fun would that be?  A new friend recently told me that I have no idea the positive impact I have had on her life.  She said that my perseverance and positive attitude are like a light shining in the darkness. Her words touched my soul and I began to think of how very lucky I am.

So I want to share one of my most favorite songs with you today.  Josh Groban performs it.  I think you’ll recognize it and I hope you’ll love it as much as I do.

My father, when asked how he handled everything back in the day, replied that he just did what had to be done and kept on going.  I carry that advice with me each day now as I  now the “parent” to him.  It is sad but an honor as well to care for ones parents.  I just what what has to be done and keep on going.

Deep peace to you on this lovely Sunday!  Enjoy the music of life and make a tune or two of your own!

Simple Sundays

It’s hot, hot summer time and the perfect day for watching one of my favorite “feel good” movies!  P.S. I Love You is  lovely romantic comedy that I know you’ll enjoy.  Here’s a bit of music and scenery to entice you!



Simple Sundays

I’m running late!  Reuniting with old friends, family and having our kids arrive yesterday made the past week a fun one!  I’ve been lazy today but can’t miss my Simple Sunday post so I chose one of my favorite simple songs from long ago to share with you!  It’s perfect for lying on the beach or relaxing on he front porch with a pitcher of iced tea.  Enjoy! (more…)