Boxes….Boxes…and MORE Boxes

Not our boxes…but this does some justice to what we’re dealing with!

I’m a bit late getting this post out to my readers.  Apologies to all!  If you saw what I am dealing with here in our new home you would completely understand!  I’ve decided to approach it all with a sense of humor, leaving the overall feeling of “will this ever be finished” behind!

I have no pictures to share that would do our situation justice.  Sufficeth to say we are blending two complete households into one.  Included in that are about six sets of fine china…..a huge art collection….and glasses.  I have never seen so many glasses in my life.

Looking on the bright side I have to say that when Skylar decides to spread her wings and find her own “first” apartment she is all set.  I have now begun to make boxes for that event with label “Skylar’s First Home”.  I have mixed feelings about that statement but know it is an inevitable event that will help her on her way as she begins working and enjoying life in the Big Easy.

Skylar is loving it here as are we all.  A couple of minor glitches that always seem to occur during a long distance move are being dealt with in a positive manor.  We are a family, connected in every way and moving forward each day with baby steps.  We love our new home and neighborhood.  We miss so many things about the island, but being only forty minutes away from our family here is so wonderful!

I’ll keep you posted as things progress!  Soon, I’ll be back in the swing of cooking, creating and writing about it all.  Life is a process and the attitude with which we approach it defines what we experience!  Here’s to a fabulous Monday filled with happiness for all!

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