A Horizontal Perspective


I love the work of local artist, George Netherton.  I’ve gotten to know George through Albert Fendig’s wonderful Plein Air event each year at the Hofwyl Broadfield Plantation.


During the month of July you’ve got to make the time to get over to The Horton Gallery at the Southeast Georgia Medical Center in Brunswick.


You’ll be delight by the scale of the pieces…..


The lighting that highlights them so well…..


The subject matter……


And the brilliance of George’s use of color and composition.  George Netherton possesses a passion for Coastal Georgia that simply cries out from the canvas he works on.  This is a perfect way to while away a hot, summer afternoon!  Beauty heals the soul and calms the spirit…..find the time…..cross the causeway and treat yourself to this awesome talent!

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    Awesome post.

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